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HGH Safety

HGH Safety

Every person who is in his middle age knows that ageing is escorted by increase in weight. In “POWER AGEING” Gary null wrote that when a person crosses its 40 age his muscles is replaced by fat. This signifies that when a person reaches his 50’s around 10 ponds of his muscles are already replaced by fat. If you are in your 40’s and still you have weight problems then it is advised that you should do something to lose weight. If you are thinking of doing some efforts for shedding those extra kilos then you might consider synthetic human growth hormone injections for the same purpose. These days the market is flooded with products that cure the deficiency of HGH in the body.

HGH for sale is naturally made in our body by pituitary glands. HGH helps in continuous growth of a child during the time of birth.  Even when we are grown up HGH still has a important role to play but due to the decrease In the metabolic rate the HGH production decreases. Because of this a person suffers hypertension, increase in weight, fatigue and other problems that come along with age. The HGH is required to function properly to ensure that other body systems are also properly functional. HGH levels are supposed to be in the required levels it should not be too high or too low. People suffer in both of the extreme cases.

Patients and doctors appreciated the production of synthetic HGH. People even proclaimed it as the elixir of youth. The benefits of the synthetic HGH are numerous. It enhances the density of bones; it removes wrinkles from the face, improves muscle mass, helps in reducing weight and also enhances the sexual performance. Burton Goldberg stated that all those people who started utilizing synthetic HGH started looking younger because their ageing process is reversed. People said they got their vibrancy back because of this. They felt younger as there energy levels and the efficiency for work enhanced.

Dr. James Howenstine wrote that people who took these injections were able to reverse 10 years of their age and thus looked younger with only one treatment. Even youngsters who were facing weight problems were able to solve them with these synthetic HGH injections. This was studied in 1987 by Robert Goldman and Ronald Katz. The media also supported the synthetic HGH injections. But still people doubted that are all these studies justified. Apart from the hype that media created for these injections of HGH people doubted it because every thing has its side effects as well. This was the reason people wanted to know all its side effects.

When synthetic HGH was produced the basic was to process a product that will be marketable. Its producers never desired to create an elixir of life. This product suited people’s desire and the modern society. This helped pharmaceutical firms to mint money faster. The best part of the synthetic HGH was that it was able to help people lose weight and look younger without any effort. But a doctor who will help you in this was required and it was a costly affair. Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa said that people were extremely satisfied because this helped the in feeling better. But when compared with similar other drugs synthetic HGH was very expensive. The cost of this drug is very apt. but still it is out of reach for many people.

After listening to good reviews about this product researchers tried to find out its disadvantages. For a long term its usage is not recommended because it is not safe. A person who already lacks hormones is advised not to use them for a long time. The 1996 Olympic Games were called as growth hormone games because every athlete used Synthetic HGH for enhancing their performance. Its cost is high when compared with other similar drugs. Dr. Donal P. stated that people who consumes Synthetic HGH in higher doses undergoes more headaches, retention of fluid, resistance from insulin and gynaecomastia.  Injections are expensive and dangerous therefore they should be avoided at any point of time. If you will start practicing anaerobic exercises then your body will produce HGH naturally. This is a much safer way because you will feel healthy naturally and exercises are not even expensive. Since our body can produce HGH naturally then why to depend on some Synthetic injections for the same purpose.

HGH is produced in our body naturally but with age its secretion decreases. But with natural physical activities HGH levels can be regained. For this a person needs to work very hard. Regaining the HGH levels back naturally is a better way to regain life because it ensures no side effects at all.  .